Bone Density Testing

Bone Density Testing is an important part of our preventative care program. 50% of women and 25% of men will suffer osteoporotic fractures during their lifetime. Many of these fractures could have been prevented with appropriate screening and treatment. We do not practice "cookie cutter" medicine. There is an individualized approach for each patient.

Based on our diagnosis, we will discuss your options and recommend treatment. We have seen the consequences of spinal fractures that came from osteoporosis. There is a shortening of the spine, which at times can compromise breathing and digestion. When people suffer vertebral fractures, pressure from the abdomen pressing on the lungs can make it difficult to breathe normally.


Gastrointestinal reflux and shortness of breath are not uncommon. Osteoporosis is serious. 20% of the people who fall and break their hip are dead within 6 months and 50% of the survivors will require assistance using a walker or a cane for the rest of their lives.



We maintain good relationships with orthopedic surgeons who do their best with these fractures. Preventing the fractures from occurring in the first place is far more important however and this is where we focus our attention.

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