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Keli B.

Dr. Worrell is very caring and thorough. He is also a surgeon. You can walk in or make an appointment. My appointment was on a Saturday, which was super convenient. I did not have to wait very long when I arrived, and I felt like he addressed all of my concerns. If you are new to the area or looking for a good general physician, I highly recommend Dr. Worrell.

Toni K.

Great office! All of the staff makes you feel like family and they're even open on the weekends. They stay fairly busy but you won't wait longer than 20 minutes waiting to be seen by a doctor. I live in Arlington and have found it worth my while to drive all the way out here for my check-ups. If you want to work with a doctor and staff that are on your side, especially if you're trying to get healthy and lose weight, this is where you need to be.

Michelle G.

I switched to Dr. Worrell this year, and he has really taken care of me. He is easy to talk to and very helpful. I would recommend him to anyone!

Elizabeth C.

I am so impressed with Dr Worrell and his staff. They were efficient and thorough, while being kind. Dr Worrell addresses my concerns and provided me answers for health problems that I had gotten used to ignoring. So very happy!

Brandi H.

Thank God for Kenbick and Ruben .. I hope spelled it right there are wonderful.. they are an asset to this doctor's office.. they're very friendly and very helpful... I love the doctors as well.. and Dexter he's awesome

Marianne F.

Very Very Good. Office is Very Organized. Staff is very attentive. Nurse will call you back promptly as needed. Dr. Is Always on Pointe!

Cris G.

This place is great. These doctors and associates know what there doing. If your looking for a primary doctor, dont look no more. Kudos Aleisha and Dr. Worrell.

Brad P.

The staff at this office have always been friendly, professional, kind, caring, and understanding. The few front desk staff I have seen multiple times remember me by name. My doctor, Camilo, is always attentive and listens to my questions or concerns. He always asks my opinion on a course of treatment if there are different ways to go about it. He's always informative without coming across as superior like most doctors do. I am confident and trust he will take good care of me. It feels more like a friend is helping me than a doctor and that makes each visit less stressful. I always recommend friends and family to this office when I can. I live in Grapevine and definitely don't mind the drive coming out to this office because of how great everyone always is. Thank you, to all the staff of Dallas Family Medicine, for always being kind and understanding and always easing my mind, giving me a safe place to take care of my health.

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